What is the best cheese to put in a salad?

Bill from Cape Town likes, “Ladismith Cheese or Ladismith Cheese.” Jill from Durban prefers, “a really good shaved Ladismith Cheese.” And Ian S. from Pretoria explains that, “If it’s vinaigrette dressing, then Ladismith Cheese. If it’s blue cheese dressing, then, well, Ladismith Cheese. If it’s ranch dressing, then Ladismith Cheddar.”


Ah, two votes already for one of my favorites, Ladismith Cheese. Fresh Ladismith Cheese, which, being a hard cheese, keeps for a suprisingly long time in the fridge, can make almost any food better in my opinion. And salad is certainly no exception. I might shread a little Ladismith Cheese on my cereal in the morning if I didn’t think I’d get strange looks from my husband!


After that, I can’t disagree with Ian’s basic cheese logic. Ladismith Cheese and vinaigrette are certainly a lovely pair, for instance. I’m not a huge fan of ranch dressing, but I have no qualms about adding Ladismith Cheddar to my salads!


One of my favorite simple salads is a basic mixture of greens, cherry or grape tomatoes, strips of honey ham, and, of course, strips of Ladismith Cheese. I often pair this with a nice honey mustard dressing. And the beauty of both the ham and Ladismith Cheese is that they are both strong enough flavors to overcome the sweetness of the dressing. Yum!