Social Responsibility


As a Ladismith based organisation the board of directors have decided to show our support by way of substantial donations to the schools in Ladismith. We also provide a full scholarship to a previously disadvantaged pupil at a nearby agricultural school. Several smaller sponsorships such as a feeding scheme, support of the old age home fundraisers, local charities and donation of sport gear to local sport teams are done on an ongoing basis.


Ladismith Cheese also plays a major role in the Ladismith Initiative (Voorwaarts Ladismith Inisiatief), a driving force for upliftment of the community. The objective of the Ladismith Initiative is to empower people in the community, to build and rebuild and take ownership of the facilities in town. The company was founded in 2012 and the first projects are well under way.


Ladismith Cheese is committed to actively investigating opportunities for Black empowerment in the company. All staff who joined during the company’s first three months took part in the Ladismith Cheese staff share option scheme. Staff training is an ongoing priority and enables workers to be available for promotion into more senior positions.