Agri Expo SA Championships 2018 Winners

The South African championship has been hosted since 1834 by Cape of Good Hope Agricultural Society, today known as Agri-Expo. The SA Dairy Championships is unique in South Africa and is regarded by the industry as a world-class event, which stimulates entrepreneurship and creates an opportunity for manufacturers to be innovative. Our Ladismith Mozzarella and Round Gouda were both awarded Agri Expo South African Champions 2018.

Moreover the Agri Expo

The Cape of Good Hope Agricultural Society was established in 1831. The society registered Agri-Expo in 1996 as the marketing brand. Agri-Expo is a professional promotion and marketing organization for the agricultural sector, focusing on exhibitions and other public initiatives, in the interest of its members, agricultural role players, the government, the media and the public.

Source: South Africa Cheese
Source: Afri Expo