Equilac Foal Milk

Advantages Ladismith Powder’s Equilac is a excellent solution for foals, as it is specially formulated for foals with the correct specification and feeding schedules, lowers the need for veterinary treatments as it provides the foals with better resistance and has positive health effects

Novilam Lamb Bar

Advantages It is very noticeable that the composition of whole milk is different for lambs and kids. The needs of lambs and kids differ, as lambs needs significantly more fat and lactose. Novilam Lamb Bar is the best solution for both lambs and kids.

Milk Bar Acidified

Advantages Lactic acid supports enzyme production in the intestine and is necessary for the digestion of proteins. Lactic acid has a lower pH, which is less optimal for bacterial development.

Milk Bar

Advantages Ladismith Powder’s Milk Bar is an excellent solution for calves, as it is more economical than fresh milk, is suitable for all calf breeds, better meets the nutrition needs of the calf and is clean and sterileย  and does not contain any harmful bacteria.